Monday, October 11, 2004


Canadian self-haters grow shrill writes Linda McQuaig in a Toronto Star article. It is fascinating how she charactizes Canadian "rightwingers" or "neo-cons", such as I, into "anti-Canadians", though I wonder what she would make of Sir Wilfred Laurier who said, "A true patriot does not, hide his head in the sand and ignore the facts, but he looks the real situation of the country in the face." More interestingly perhaps is what Laurier would have made of Linda McQuaig?

Furthermore, if I fail the test as a Canadian patriot because I do not fall to my knees in worship of United Nations; an institution that has come to represent united human depravity from the sex-slaves in Bosnia, or extortion rackets in Kenya, sex-for-food in West Africa, Oil-for Food in Iraq, or complicity in genocides makes me anti-Canadian. So be it.

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Andrew said...

McQuaig comes across as an uninformed idiot in that article....