Saturday, October 09, 2004

How quick can you say Armageddon?

Another ringing endorsement for the John Kerry/John Edwards, another name for Kerry to drop in the next debate:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran would welcome a proposal by U.S. presidential candidate Senator John Kerry’s running mate for a "great bargain" to solve the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, a senior Iranian official said on Saturday.
Vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards that Kerry, a Democrat, would be willing to supply Iran with nuclear fuel for power generation if Tehran abandons its own fuel-making capability - if Iran did not accept this offer; it would confirm Iran wanted to make an atom bomb.

Iran earlier rejected the proposal, saying it would be "irrational" for Iran to jeopardize what it says is its purely civilian nuclear program by relying on supplies from abroad.

But in an apparent policy shift, Hossein Mousavian, head of the foreign policy committee at Iran's Supreme National Security Council, said Iran would review the proposal.

For those not in the know the John Kerry proposal is to supply Iran with nuclear fuel for their peaceful nuclear energy program.

Allegedly, the Mullah’s rejected this proposal initially as they doubted the seriousness of Kerry’s intentions. Now that the Mullahs have been assured that it is indeed a serious proposal they are prepared to deal…I wonder why the Mullah’s feel that a Kerry presidency would be more palatable to deal with?

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