Sunday, August 08, 2010

another brick in the wall.... for multiculturalism

There is a lot of criticism of Canada's multiculturalism policy from the right half of the political spectrum and there are more than a few sites who dutifully chronicle on a weekly basis some cultural clash which has rather devastating results for all those involved. While I am not a fan of state instituted and supported multiculturalism, I am a huge fan of living within a city where there is not a single cultural hegemony. Blurred Vision, an Iranian exiled band has done a remake of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall and reminds us culture is not a one-way street and multiculturalism was never about another pavillion at a folkfest.

Personally, I prefer Blurred Vision's version which I find far more compelling. Although, that maybe because I never did enough drugs to appreciate the finer points of Pink Floyd.

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