Sunday, August 08, 2010

After the love has gone

Nice to see the NY Times still feels the love otherwise this has to go down as the 'blackest' weekend. I broke my coffee carafe for what was my most favourite coffee pot ever on my birthday. Faced with the idea of waking up the day after my birthday without decent fresh coffee was too horrible a fate to contemplate so I took myself shopping for a new machine – immediately.

I tried to buy the same Delonghi machine but in the end bought a higher end Delonghi machine. My daughter, the Last Amazon, was utterly scandalized by the price but there are just some things one cannot put a price on – my piece of mind being one of them. The new Delonghi makes even better utterly sublime coffee. In fact, the new machine coffee is so utterly devine that I usually brew a few cups to take in a thermos to work so I don't have to darken the doors of Starbucks or Second Cup and sip their overpriced swill. It didn't matter how my day ended because tomorrow was always held the promise of better day thanks to the fact I would face it with coffee from my new Delonghi coffee machine.

So what happened? Just after I finished telling my youngest to settle down and be careful of my coffee pot. He knocked into the machine and then jumped out of the way as the glass carafe crashed to a million tiny pieces to the floor. I don't cry often nor am I overly sentimental. I never even got teary eyed over Old Yellow or the Notebook, but I cried when I saw the tiny million pieces all over the floor. Not even a month the hunt is on for a replace carafe. If anyone knows where I can find Delonghi replacement carafe in Toronto – please share.

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