Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The day of infamy dawns

There are really no words to adequate express the depth of misery the sight of two plain coffins represent as each contains an entire universe collapsed.

The Jerusalem Post report:

The IDF on Wednesday morning received two bodies transferred by Hizbullah, presumed to be those of MIAs Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, whose capture sparked the Second Lebanon War just over two years ago. The army announced that it would make no comment about the identification process until the identification was completed and the families of the soldiers were notified.

Before identification could begin, sappers were inspecting the coffins to ensure that they were not booby trapped. Channel 10 quoted defense officials as saying that the identification would take longer than expected due to the state in which the bodies were delivered.

Earlier, the two coffins were brought to the Naqoura crossing on the Lebanese side of Rosh Hanikra and transferred to the care of the International Red Cross. Israel gave the Red Cross documents that would aid the identification process of the Israeli troops.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were handing out sweets to celebrate the handover of the two coffins. Dozens of Palestinians, holding Palestinian and Lebanese flags, rejoiced at the prospect that Samir Kuntar would be freed.

While I grant the sight of Palestinians celebrating the release of an infamous Jew killer is nothing new under the sun, the warped pathology of the Palestinians has spread to Lebanon. No, I am not just talking about Hezbollah. In fact, the return of a child murderer is now a matter of state celebration and officially sanctioned by the entire government of Lebanon.:
Samir Kuntar and four other Lebanese prisoners will receive an official state welcoming when they are released by Israel on Wednesday as part of the prisoner swap with Hizbullah. The five men will be greeted at Beirut's airport by Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and President Gen. Michel Suleiman.

I will try to take some comfort in the fact that the weasel Nashrallah still cannot afford to leave his own personal spidey-hole and will only be able to address the rally planned in Sidon via satellite. May he always live in a hole in the ground.


shlemazl said...

He addressed the rally in person.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Yeah, I read that he did make one appearance outside of his bunker...I realize it isn't very nice of me to admit that I was kind of disappointed there was not a missile with his name on it greeting him when he exited his bunker.