Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Calling a duck, a duck

It is no secret that Israel has entered into a prisoner exchanged with Hezbollah but if this Jerusalem Post report is even half-way accurate to describe the mood in Lebanon concerning the deal, it is indeed, a sign there is hope for the Lebanese:
Dana M., an employee at a Beirut public relations firm, observed, "I am so angry with the Sunni political leadership, who are bending over backwards to praise Hizbullah's prisoner release. I supported [Prime Minister] Siniora and [Future Movement leader] Al-Hariri through all the conflicts, even after they did nothing to protect their supporters in Beirut [during Hizbullah's May 2008 invasion], but now I'm angry.

"Hizbullah started a war to free a notoriously evil man who is in Israeli prison for smashing a little girl's head with a rock. This man definitely does not deserve a hero's welcome." Hizbullah tarnished its image when it, along with other Lebanese opposition parties, attacked Beirut and the Chouf mountains in May 2008. The party claimed it would never use its weapons against other Lebanese and would only use them to protect Lebanon against Israel, but then struck at the heart of the nation.

I have no doubt that Samir Kuntar is an evil man. Nor do I doubt that Nasrallah and supporters will trump his release as any thing less than a national hero returning home, but in the Middle East, where black is believed to be white and white black; the simple fact that one ordinary person sees the nakedness of the Emperor is a sign of incredible progress.

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