Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the best laid plans of mice and putzs often go astray

Apparently the Israeli Prime Minister’s immediate goal is the establishment of a Palestinian state forthwith; which is all well and good, but little details like this one get in the way every time. (Ha’aretz report):
The Palestinian Authority's security organizations are unable to assume security control of cities in the West Bank, Prime Minister Salam Fayad told senior Israeli officials during recent meetings. Fayad told Israeli officials that the PA's security forces are unable "to impose law and order in the West Bank at this time."

I am shocked I tell you. Absolutely knackered by Fayad's honesty.

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Michael said...

I bet if those same "security forces" were told to shoot Israelis, or beat pali Christians, rather than simply enforce the law, they would suddenly be far more effective, though...